There are a lot of negotiations being made at the Essex County Cricket Club

There are a lot of negotiations being made at the Essex County Cricket Club at the moment with Ronnie Irani, the ex-England all rounder, being give the charge of the Cricket committee, Christopher Silverhood replacing Paul Grayson in caretaker capacity as head coach and Ravi Bopara agreeing to prolong his association with the club finalizing a contract extension recently.

Essex’s last season was far from being a successful one for them. They were hoping to be able to make it to the top flight in the county championship, but, they failed to do so.

They would have made up for that a little bit if they had been able to produce better returns in  white ball Cricket, but, they would be pretty disappointed with the fact that they crashed out in Round of 8 in both the 20-over and 50-over competitions as well.

So, it wasn’t tough to guess that there would be some reactions by the top brass at the club. The first person whose position came under the pump was Grayson and eventually, he had to vacate his post by mutual understanding with the board.

According to Bopara, Grayson’s departure is pretty emotional for him as well as some of his teammates as he was a guy who was close mates to almost everyone and his guidance was invaluable. But, it’s always important in life to move ahead.

Speaking to a television network yesterday, Bopara, who is not in England’s plans anymore, said, “When somebody like Paul goes, it’s a little sad because he was such a friendly individual. But, you have to keep moving forward. That’s what life is all about.”

“As far as I am concerned, I have played my entire Cricket at Essex and it’s because of the chances that I got here at this club, I managed to achieve what I achieved in my career. Unfortunately, we have not been as successful as we are capable of in the recent times, but, hopefully, with some of the new people taking charge and some fresh ideas coming in, we can be back to our glory days.”