Stuart Broad Sympathy for San Abbott

Stuart Broad has sympathized with the medium fast bowler who hit Philip Hughes with his bouncer in the first round Shield game between New South Wales and South Australia on Tuesday.

The bowler named Sean Abbott is just 22-year old at the moment and has recently made his international debut for Australia.

He is believed to be one of the most exciting prospects to have come through the ranks recently in Australia as far as the seam bowling is concerned.

He is not express pace, but, he is just about as quick as required to trouble the batsman.

The bouncer that Abbott bowled to Hughes, it was surely not the quickest bouncer in the world. Hughes, in fact, got beaten by the lack of pace. He was through his shot before the ball came. If he had waited for a fraction of second more, he might have connected the bat with the ball, but, the destiny wanted something else.

According to Broad, no bowler in the world bowls a bouncer with the intention of doing any serious damage to the batsman and Abbott would not have done that intentionally either. It was just an unfortunate incident which occurred somehow.

Talking to the reporters about Hughes’ injury, Broad said, “As a quickie, you never intend to knock somebody down on the ground by bowling a bumper. You just bowl it to get the batsman out. You do it with some aggression, but, you never feel good when the batsman gets hit by your delivery. I can assure you that.”

“I am really sorry for Sean and I am sure many people around the world would be. He did nothing wrong. He just tried to do his job which was to get Phil dismissed.”