Ravi Bopara dont bats well at the end of the innings

There is a misconception in the minds of a few people that Ravi Bopara bats well at the end of the innings and that he is a good finisher.

The reality is entirely opposite to that. Bopara is someone who cannot go hard at the bowling straightaway.

He hits the cricket ball cleanly, that is true, but, only when he plays a few deliveries.

He does not tend to muscle the ball, Bopara. He is more of a timer and that’s why, he needs some time at the crease.

However, in most of the teams which he plays for, he has to come lower down the order.

Even in the Indian Premier League this year, there is the same scenario. Bopara is batting 6 and sometimes even 7.

In the Sunrisers XI, there is a very strong case for Bopara to be pushed up as most of the guys in there are highly inexperienced and some of them are not even capped internationals.

No. 3 is Bopara’s place to bat in T20 Cricket or maybe no. 4, but, not lower than that. He can open as well if the Sunrisers want.

David Warner can demote himself and let Bopara and Dhawan go at the top. Not only would that form a left right combination, but, would also allow the skipper to control the innings from the middle order as he is the best and most in form batsman of the Orange army at present.

The Sunrisers seem to have started turning the tables in IPL 8 with a couple of consecutive wins. They are not that far away from being in contention for top 4, but, they would need consistency.

SRH has never been in the final of IPL ever in its 3-year history so far.