16 thoughts on “Party Stand Fun at Ireland versus Pakistan in Jamaica”

  1. haha no point of ireland or bangladesh being in the super 8’s coss ther
    really poor sides they wud just get humiliated in the super 8’s. I want a 5
    test series between pakistan and Ireland that wud be really entertaining.

  2. the irish always celebrate in great form fair play to them its not a
    cricket nation but 100 per cent they are great sport congrats

  3. no offense, but neither side played well. people are highlighting ireland
    because pakistan sucked but that doesnt mean they did well. they gave away
    30 extras. since when is that a strong solid bowling attack? and they lost
    to everyone else. it really was a poor match for both sides.

  4. the irish have great fans in every sport. pity the world cup is so close to
    the ashes coz there would have been all the barmy army there iswell who
    always get the atmosphere going

  5. Thank you for providing a unique snapshot of St Patricks Day in your part
    of the world. Please consider entering this video into our inaugural St
    Patrick’s Day Film Competition 2007. Plus in 1969 a small village cricket
    team in Sion Mills, Co Tyrone, Ireland beat the mighty West Indies. There
    are many, many cricket fans in Ireland.

  6. dammit….all those who are saying the irish were the best….yeah…i’d
    agree…when they are winning perhaps…cuz they were great for the ZIM
    game…really boisterous for so few of them… i was utterly disappointed
    when they played WI though…was really looking foward to actually having a
    possie to out cheer!!

  7. Im a west indian and i must say when the irish was down here they made such
    a difference.they had great support made me support them for the super 8’s.

  8. I literally got a high watching the irish having fun! What a fun set of
    people! Love the Irish! Jamrock and Shamrock yeaahhhh!!!!

  9. ireland cricket fans= best cricket fans in the history of the game – from a
    pakistani cricket fan

  10. Thanks Clare, i’ve entered the video. Anybody reading this should check out
    the wyllieohagan page to see a variety of celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day
    from all over the world.

  11. The leprechaun at these matches was an absolute freak – champion of a
    bloke. He was the best fan at the cricket world cup. Biggest leprechaun
    ever seen … almost seven foot tall. And he was an Aussie! His parents are
    from Ireland & he went to school with Jeremy Bray!

  12. Winner of the “IN THE MOMENT” award, Wyllie O Hagan St Patrick’s Day Film
    Competition 2007. “The award acknowledges a film of the recording of an
    amazing event on St Patrick’s Day. People who were witness to this event
    will never forget the magic of the day.”

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