9 thoughts on “Memories of Ireland’s Cricket World Cup 2007”

  1. Absolutely magnificent. Such pride, skill and determination and you get so little help from the ICC.

    Magnificent. You have provided the highlights of the last two World Cups and I sinceerly hope you make the quarters at the very least.

    Superb characters one and all.

  2. I have to say as somebody who doesn’t watch cricket regularly .. go on the boys!!!!!!!!!!! Green is green is green. Seeing people in Irish jerseys playing with passion and pride lifts me higher. Makes me think Ireland might be in trouble in other ways but for such a tiny place and such a minority sport here it brings me as much joy as italia 90. fair play to the team.

  3. they have done it in wc2011, k o’ brien is the best player in irish team

  4. That was an amazing World Cup. Well done to the lads and best of luck too for this one coming up.

  5. Come On Ireland – All in Delgany
    (Ireland’s new cricket hotbed) rooting for You All!
    The Tector Family

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