16 thoughts on “Last min of Ireland’s historic win over England World Cup Cricket 2011”

  1. @0:39…this is it..this is it……thiiis is it…brilliant by David Lloyd

  2. im still commint to terms with the fact that we have a cricket team o.O

  3. England gave up hope to fight at the end; so they didn’t try to stop the last four. Come on Ireland.

  4. I had just switched on the TV for dinner and i was amazed with what I saw….i thought it was a dead match match but You can see the crowd had grown 10 times since Ireland fought back…it was a treat…as it is we are sick of India team playing some match every week against some team…

  5. “You fucking beauty, fucking best day ever” – Kevin O’Brien @ 1.54

  6. why oh why are they not at the next world cup ? I’ve seen disgraceful scenes in sport but this decision tops them all.

  7. nice blog on the cricket Ireland V England


  8. whoever disliked this is a complete moron.

    that was the greatest chase ever. 5/113 only to get the next 220+ for the loss of 2 more wickets and what an innings by Kevin O’Brien 113 runs from just 63 balls. i don’t like this videon i love it especially when the English get beaten

    also ICC the Irish showed alot of spirit in this game and games preceeding it you must change your mind for the good of cricket. 

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