17 thoughts on “Kevin O’Brien Imagine The Incredible”

  1. @gospadje911. Oh my GOD!!! Was it really a false clap? Kevin we love you You could play with a hurley and still knock the shit out of them english…

  2. Afridi will do better! Probably 40-49 balls century. 🙂 But GJ to O’Brien.

  3. @MsSharku…Obviously a bit of fun you tit! Hes a world record breaker…speaks for itself!

  4. @MsSharku Kevin O’Brien is hitting a White Cricket Ball not a golf ball, look at the size difference!!!! Some shot in my book – Come on Ireland

  5. WTF!!!!! this video makes no sense at all! funny how it actually doesn’t show the cricket guy hitting the golf ball in one camera shot……

  6. thats what i love about cricket supporters, they can respect and admire other teams players unlike other sports where they hate everything associated with the other team ie. soccer

  7. lol i support pakistan and yet i love irish spirit………..or maybe because i got 100s of irish mates 😛

  8. what a fitting video to post! best of luck to the guys for the rest of the tournament!

  9. WOW ..Brien..was there in the stadium yesterday. One of the best innings I have seen . Yeah I have kept that green t-shirt with me.(Thanks to the Irish Gentlemen)

    With love – AN Indian

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