25 thoughts on “Kevin O’Brien 113 off 63 balls England vs Ireland 2011 Cricket World Cup”

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  2. and england’s batting in the UAE is very bad specially in the test pakistan dismissed england for 72 runs

  3. Infact this is the fastest century in ODI.

    guess how?

    he scored the century in 34 balls because the remaining where dot balls.
    just for fun

  4. both the teams’ bowlers are unconsisting….some day they bowl well and some day they bowl more poor then we expect..
    some facts :

    India were able to defend 414 against SL by only 3 runs..where as they beated SA by 1 run defending 190
    England were not able to defend 320+ against Aus and IRE but defended their 90+ lead against against SL in the recent test match and blew away SL for just 82 runs

  5. lol india won the world cup thats a fact….just like indian bowling is weak thats a fact as well…i think my comment was pretty fair…i never was pointin that a team with weak bowlin can never win the world cup…

  6. Now who can say India has weak anything??? We won the cup,story over,we r the best

  7. damn what a innings it was!!! arguably the best cricket world cup ever!!!

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  10. I have a huge respect for Ireland.They are much better than hyped bangladesh.Kevin o brien innings was nothing less than extraordinary.

  11. India’s bowling today was horrible. its a shame Netherlands lasted 46 overs. They were practically teasing Indian bowlers

  12. there middle and lower order is inconsistent… thats why they lose against england and some matches against india in the last series.. definitely a good batsman is needed lower down the order to change the course of the game..

  13. really well quoted ;they r fucking loosers…….de r regularly fucked by our god sachin tendulkar

  14. wat an inning….i m from india but felt really good dat no. of good teams may increase adding ireland..Ireland had really shown a gr8 zeal to get to the top of icc ranking after da match against india.A good news for cricket lovers,isn’t it.

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  16. that said India’s bowling is inversely proportionate to their batting at the moment, the only skill we have in the team appears in the form of an ageing zaheer.

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