25 thoughts on “Ireland Beat England Cricket World Cup 2011 98FM”

  1. it’s a fucking one day match! it’s fake cricket, anyone can beat anyone in a ODI, try beating us in a test match!

  2. @miller27. A jasusI I had to pay u a flying visit again. Watching the Magners final right now and guess who the 2 finalists are. I’ll give u a clue there from the same country that YOU said England would rape when u get us at Aviva Stadium? And one of them just won the Heineken Cup! Guess?

  3. Okay, I’m an American with both Irish and English in me. But fuck England, long live Ireland!!

  4. @welchinator23 you brought it on yourself, usually i dont mind the welsh its only the english i hate but down our country and we’ll down yours

  5. Wales should be allowed to compete too- we crushed England in the early 2000s. Jacques Kallis and great bowler Syd Barnes among the best to play for Wales. Ireland beat the W.Indies round 1970 if memory serves.

  6. nice blog on the cricket Ireland V England


  7. looks like we need some south african bowlers,to go with the batters

  8. @RoryRedBrooklyn……hey, I’ve got an idea….let’s invent a game called baseball, that’s so fucking boring that only cunts are fucking dumb enough to play it…..but we’ll call our finals the “world series” ha!!!! What a fucking JOKE…..Cricket SHITS ALL OVER BASEBALL………here endeth the lesson………..

  9. @miller27 two weeks ago we knocked the shite out of you in cricket, yesterday we humiliated you 24pts to 8. In rugby and what was ur comment about how you were going to rape the Irish at rugby? Don’t give me comments like we finished on top.all we want is an apology

  10. Okay, Ireland beat England at Cricket, which is English. Now…wouldn’t it be really funny is England beat Ireland at Hurling or Gaelic??? probably not, but it might be Karma. 

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