12 thoughts on “England vs Ireland wickets, 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup”

  1. Wrong.. Ireland snapped-up ‘eight’ English batsmen instead of seven and Ireland ended up losing 7 wickets of their own instead of 8 wickets..

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  3. icc should give chance to play more matches after world cup too,iresh realy good team

  4. schooled. lolz.  what a bunch of douchebags. They can’t defeat ireland at the game they invented. Even the ashes win must look like a joke/fluke now.

  5. surprising
    ireland team is employed for this job? for icc i think

  6. I really wish they would give more opportunities to nations like Ireland, Holland, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Canada to play against test-playing cricket nations like England, Australia, India and Pakistan etc. The more they get to play them, the better they will get, and the better it will be for cricket as a game. They can at least compete in ODIs.

  7. is there any sport that england would definitly beat ireland at the result today was the same as england beating ireland at hurling

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