England vs Ireland full highlights 2011 Cricket World Cup

Irish Cricket Video Score: four / five

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  1. Not really because Bangladesh beat Ireland at the 2011 World Cup plus have a better head to head record of the two but´╗┐ they are going to be playing each other within 2 months in a 3 match ODI Series so lets see who really is the better of the two. India yes is by far better than these two teams but that’s because they’ve been playing Cricket far much longer than these countries ­čÖé

  2. I agree Ireland does deserve to get attention but I don’t understand why you still criticise Bangladesh, though they’re still a weak team, they have improved considerably since 07 and the recent Asia Cup proved how talented they are and its only´╗┐ a matter of time they start to compete regularly but time will tell.

  3. @Gemzie1995 Kevin O’Brien & Alex Cusack are certainly not bowlers, so it really shows the level of knowledge you have to come out with a fact like that. They are able to´╗┐ bowl but their primary job is to bat. It must be so sad to be as negative and twisted as you’re. Don’t know how to hold the bat?, right you’ve sunk your own argument right there…

  4. fucking hell, you sad cunt. we all know england is shit. losing to bangladesh and´╗┐ ireland!

  5. Everyone on this Page is Stupid!..How can 2 Bowlers chase 227 runs?? r u stupid! this was clearly a match Fix.. irelands 1st 5 player got out in the first 10 over and u´╗┐ expect other to chase 227 what type of cricket is thiss! they dnt even knw how to hold a bat properly think!!

  6. happy birthday Andrew but´╗┐ the gift goes to KEVIN!!

  7. I must say the English commentators are a credit´╗┐ to the game. Totally unbias opinions and bordering on celebrating when Ireland hit the winning runs against their team, fair play!!!

  8. Whoa!? That was totally awesome! I´╗┐ hadn’t watched the World Cup because I live in Yankeeland, but just last night I decided to go through the highlights and boy oh boy… how cool was that?! Break two of the hardest records – fastest 100, highest run-chase – and do it against the English!?

    I must say, every time there was an inside or outside edge I kept thinking, “Luck ‘o the Irish, you never know…” GOOD JOB!

  9. The ICC instead of wasting money on cricket in places like the USA or spending the levels it has in Bangladesh with no discernible improvement over the last decade should be directing more funds towards Ireland or another´╗┐ side with immense promise like Afghanistan (so long as the the evil over there is contained).

    Ireland also need to be given more ODI fixtures and a programme to follow to acheive Test status.

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