Cricket World® TV – World Cup 2011 Update – O’Brien Hits Stunning Century As Ireland Beat England

Irish Cricket Video Ranking: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Cricket World® TV – World Cup 2011 Update – O’Brien Hits Stunning Century As Ireland Beat England”

  1. every thing possible in cricket , kevin inspire my life that how u get your destiny

  2. From an American with both English and Irish in her…my name is Kelley and my Nana is from Bantry Bay…so I feel much closer to the Irish in me…Eff those Anglo bastards. Congratulations from a country which would never have been without the blessings and greatness of the Irish people!

  3. this was the first cricket match i ever watched and i absolutely loved every moment of it (: …… i havent since then watched another match though.):

  4. Makes me proud. And the english took it well. Lets celebrate the achievement. Rather than put the boot in. Eh?

  5. I hve alwz luked upto ireland since 2007 wc. They hve got tremendous potential.its just that they need to play lyk dis all d tym nd in cuming yrs they wud b 1 gr8 syd

  6. These English arseholes get Knighted with a Sir before their name and become CBE’s Commanders of the British Empire. We get titles too like PJ… JJ… Wacker …..TJ

  7. Have to say the english cricket fans and the english commentators showed no bais at all , they could teach their football collegues a thing or two about professionalism.
    decent sort the english cricket lot. Hope we beat India at the weekend,probably a lot to ask but we can dream.

  8. That shower of English cricket shites getting knighted. Even the Tipperrary team using hurlies would beat them at their own game.

  9. best century i have ever seen. i will most likely never see another one as good as that.
    well done O’Brien.

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