Captain salutes Team

The captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has agreed with KKR captain and his team mate Gautam Gambhir by saying that a captain is as good as his team. He said that the main job of a captain is to manage his players well and try to get 100% out of them. But, if a captain doesn’t have the good enough players, he can’t do much. Dhoni said if you make someone the captain of a very weak team (which is full of mediocre players), no matter how good leader he is, he would not be able to convert that side into a winning side. So, a captain always needs skilled players to do the job for him.

After the disastrous performance of India on the England and Australia tour, there have been talks that Dhoni might be removed from captaincy. There had also been the reports of rift between Dhoni and Sehwag on the Australian tour. It had also been reported that Gambhir is also unhappy with the captain. Also, Gambhir keeps on saying in the media that a captain is as good as his team and if the captain doesn’t have quality resources, he can’t do much. These things were pointing towards the fact that everything is not all right in the Indian Team. But, Dhoni has said that there is no rift in the team and the team is completely united.

He has also said that the senior players are looking quite fit and agile after taking a long rest. Dhoni said that he started playing in 2004 and he hadn’t got such a long break since then. He said that the upcoming season would be a hectic one with a lot of matches coming on and the players have to maintain their fitness level.